Trusted Forex Trading Recommendations in Indonesia and Its Advantages Compared to Other Investment

Day by day, more and more investment options. One of the most popular investments is forex trading. Indeed, this investment instrument is very risky even though the profits are large. So, you have to choose a trusted forex trading platform in Indonesia.

Understanding Forex Trading

Forex trading is an investment instrument that uses foreign exchange (forex) or foreign exchange (forex). This forex actually uses physical currency. So, you hold the other currency purchased. However, nowadays there is an online forex trading which is easier & more flexible.

Of course, the purpose of trading or forex trading is to make a profit. Usually, one party buys a nominal amount of another currency to get the difference in profit. Forex traders should take the time to look at and analyze the factors that influence the volatility of world currencies.

What are the Advantages of Trading Forex?

1. Benefit from the difference in exchange rates

Investors benefit from the difference in exchange rates when buying & the current rate. For example, you buy dollars when it is at a low value point. After that, you sell it when the dollar value goes up.

There are 3 possible dollar movements, namely up (uptrend), fixed (sideways), and down (downtrend). When you are going up, you will make a big profit. But if it goes down, the value of the currency will also tend to fall. So, first know the purpose before starting and choose a legal forex broker in Indonesia!

2. Flexible transactions

One of the advantages of forex trading is flexible transactions. The reason is, you can buy or sell forex anytime 24 hours non-stop. Of course, this is different from the capital market. However, you need to know that each country has a different opening schedule for.

3. More liquid

Not only that, there are also brokers or dealers in the forex market which make the market more liquid and prices remain stable. Therefore, traders can close or open their positions fairly in the market price.

4. No extra charge

As long as you choose a trusted forex trading in Indonesia, you will not be charged transaction fees in the forex market. However, there are several other costs such as withdrawal fees from a forex account.

5. Immediate profit

Forex trading is different from other types of investments because you can feel the benefits right away. Yes, traders can profit from price increases from the difference between the buy and sell prices. Then when you make a sale, you will benefit from the difference between the selling price and the purchase price.

6. Margin system

In forex trading, there are trades that use a margin system. With a margin system, investors will have higher purchasing power than their capital.

If that's the case, of course you will benefit from 2 directions, namely when the market goes up or when the price goes down. Of course, you will not find this kind of thing in other types of investments such as stocks. And, don't forget to choose the best forex broker in Indonesia.

Trusted Forex Trading Broker in Indonesia

Forex can be a profitable buying and selling alternative. However, before choosing a company or site for forex trading, make sure that the company is officially registered with CoFTRA. Here we provide some recommendations for those of you who want to start investing in forex trading.

1. PT Trijaya Pratama Futures

Established in 2004, this company has been officially registered with CoFTRA. In addition, this trusted forex trading company in Indonesia is a member of the Jakarta futures exchange & Indonesian futures clearing. Furthermore, this brokerage firm has more than 50 thousand customers.

Its branch offices are spread across Jakarta, Medan and Makassar. One of its superior features is Autochartist which makes it easy for forex traders to monitor currency movements. One more thing, customer funds are also safe because they are deposited into a separate account that has been determined by CoFTRA.

2. PT Global Kapital Investama Futures

With the trademark GKInvest, this official futures brokerage company which has its head office in Jakarta has obtained CoFTRA's permit. In addition, the company is an official member of 2 well-known exchanges, namely the Indonesian Commodity & Derivative Exchange (ICDX) and the Jakarta Future Exchange (JFX).

This company also serves trading of currency products, oil, precious metals, and stocks. If you still don't really understand forex trading, this company even provides free training so that you become a reliable trader later.

3. PT Asia Trade Point Futures

This company has also been registered with CoFTRA. So, this company is very reliable. For investment products, this brokerage company offers cheap deposit investment packages worth only 10 million rupiah. In addition, the company also offers trading products including multilateral, gold, oil, and forex.

4. PT Monex Investindo Futures

Furthermore, there is PT Monex Investindo Futures which is also one of the most trusted forex trading companies in Indonesia. This company provides services with spreads starting from 0. So, you can push maximum profit with minimal sheets.

Like the companies above before, MIFX is also very trusted because it is a forex futures trading broker. This is because this company is officially registered with CoFTRA.

5. MRG Mega Futures

Previously, this company was called PT Askap Features. The company was founded in 1998 and became a futures brokerage company recognized for the first time by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Now, the company has changed its name to MRG Mega Berjangka.

MRG Mega has a Social Trade feature. With this feature, novice traders can learn from the experience of more experienced traders. In addition, this broker provides a minimum deposit requirement of 5 million so it is quite affordable for novice traders who are just starting or trying trading.

Things to Pay Attention to in Forex Trading

Although it offers many advantages, this type of investment carries a fairly high risk. This is influenced by several factors. So, those of you who want to get involved in forex trading should pay attention to several things.

1. Fluctuating Foreign Exchange

The ups and downs of forex greatly affect forex trading. If the rupiah currency is very weak, buying dollars that are expensive will be very risky. On the other hand, waiting for the rupiah to rise may also take a very long time. Of course, this makes forex trading quite prone to losses.

2. Intervention from the Government of the Country of Origin of Currency

In forex trading, there is usually government intervention from the origin of the currency. An example is the intervention of the country's central bank which increases interest rates and releases bonds from the government, and even buys foreign currency on a large scale.

Actually, this investment is not suitable for beginners because the risk is relatively high. But with the right way and choosing a trusted forex trading company in Indonesia, you can reap the benefits of this investment, both for the short and long term.

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