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Hi World, Tiffany from Girls’ Generation here and if you’re listening to this, that means Girls’ Generation’s first ever sub-unit mini-album “Twinkle” has finally been released! Yay!
We’ve all been really, extremely excited and anticipating for fans to be able to hear the new side and style of music we have secretly been preparing for you. But now that… the cat is out of the box, we’d like to recommend you some of our favourite songs to you.
So, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun’s top three favourites are…
Taeyeon’s favourite: Twinkle.
Tiffany’s favourite: OMG.
Seohyun’s favourite: Baby Steps.
I’d personally like to say that despite the songs that we’ve chosen as our top three, all seven of the tracks are amazing as well… and it was such a joy to be able to put such great songs together for our fans. And I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.
So enjoy, and thank you for your love and support.
And… uh… we’ll see you soon!
Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae!
TaeTiSeo: Hello!
Tiffany: We are Girls’ Generation’s
Taeyeon: Taeyeon
Tiffany: Tiffany
Seohyun: and Seohyun!
Taeyeon: It’s so good to meet everyone. Are you enjoying listening to us?
If you are all listening to this, then it means that the digital version of mini-album ‘Twinkle’ has already been released, right?
Seohyun: Yes, that’s correct! We’re all looking forward to seeing all of your responses and today, we wanted to give you a special gift from us.
It is~ an introduction to Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s recommended favourite tracks!
Tiffany: Yes, each member could choose only one song. I think that if you listen to the songs again after listening to this recording, you might hear it differently and feel different emotions about them. Isn’t that right?
Seohyun: Yes.
Taeyeon: Yes.
Tiffany: The first-
Taeyeon: Yes?
Tiffany: -recommended song!
Taeyeon: I, Taeyeon am recommending first… uh… the title track!
Tiffany: Wooow!
TaeTiSeo: Twinkle~ Twinkle~!
Taeyeon: The track ‘Twinkle’ has a retro-vibe. It’s at a medium-tempo… a funky soul dance music. It’s a style that Girls’ Generation has never done before.
Tiffany: That’s right.
Taeyeon: So this is the first attempt at this genre by the three of us… and if you listen it’s like… a 70s/80s Stevie Wonder-style…
Tiffany: The groove is so… yeah~
TaeTiSeo: Yeah~ Yeah~
Tiffany: Amazing ad-libs!
Taeyeon: And the arrangement is a modern style of arrangement… and all of that combined together… we worked hard to bring all of that together to create this track.
So when we were preparing the song and rehearsing the choreography, I can remember having a lot of fun.
Tiffany: That’s right…
Taeyeon: Even when we were filming the MV, we listened to it all day but never got sick of it!
Seohyun: We liked it more with every listen!
Tiffany: That’s right, weirdly, we did! I didn’t think we would!
Seohyun: We thought we’d be sick of it…
Tiffany: But the more I listened to it, it felt like becoming addicted… and not to mention the sound of the live band…
Taeyeon: Right, right, the sound of the guitar and…
Tiffany: We’ve never had the sound of a live band so strong before and…
Seohyun: We always wanted to have that so I’m so happy that we finally did this time.
Taeyeon: That’s right…
Tiffany: And above all, the weather is starting to warm up now…
Seohyun: It’s already becoming hot!
Taeyeon: Isn’t it?
Tiffany: I think the song goes well with the weather for this summer. It’s a cool… refreshing kind of sound… so we feel good about it already.
Taeyeon: And the lyrics…
Tiffany: Yes?
Taeyeon: And the lyrics… if you listen to a Girls’ Generation album, you always remember the lyrics, right?
Tiffany: mhmm
Taeyeon: It’s rather different.
Tiffany: It’s very different!
Seohyun: Twinkle! Twinkle!
Taeyeon: This time, the lyrics go: “I really shine” and “I am so adorable that I twinkle!”
Seohyun: Yes.
Taeyeon: It’s expressing a want to win over somebody… it’s a bit direct, sassy, confident lyrics.
Tiffany: Yes.
Seohyun: Wow.
Taeyeon: The lyrics are full of self-confidence, aren’t they?
Tiffany: Yes and I’m recommending this approach for all women!
Taeyeon: And so… please show the song lots of love!
Tiffany: Tiffany’s chosen recommended track is~ Oh! Em! (??: My!)
Tiffany: Gee!
Taeyeon: Wow~!
Tiffany: Now, what does OMG mean?
Seohyun: Oh, my, go~d!
Tiffany: Yes, that’s correct. We shortened “oh my god” to make a song called ‘OMG’
‘OMG’ is a collaboration of vintage and popular modern sounds to create a stand-out electronic retro pop track.
Actually, I think instead of this long explanation, it’s easier to just listen to the song.. and you will immediately imagine a scene from a musical. I think this song has a very strong character… is that how you express it? “It has a very strong character”?
Seohyun: The sound is very rich.
Tiffany: Yes.
Seohyun: You can feel like there’s some kind of stage makeup involved.
Taeyeon: It reminds of you a scene from a musical.
Tiffany: And the song’s range goes back and forth! Back and forth!
TaeTiSeo: From very low notes… to the high notes!
Tiffany: I think the audiences will be very excited listening to it.
And the lyrics are fun too because they seem to talk about a celebrity lifestyle but also, at the same time, has the appeal of giving self-confidence to the listener. I think no matter who listens to it, they will fall for its charms.
Taeyeon: Yes…
Seohyun: Yes… and lastly it’s the song chosen by me, Seohyun. It’s~ a song called ‘Baby Steps’!
Taeyeon: Baby Steps!
Seohyun: Yes.
Taeyeon: It’s good!
Seohyun: It is. Firstly this track has a medium tempo, and has a very mature, deep groove sound, and one that we have never attempted before, the R&B-style.
Tiffany: Yeah~
Seohyun: It’s a very charismatic song.
Tiffany: It’s
Taeyeon: Hahaha
Tiffany: Isn’t it?
Seohyun: Yes!
Seohyun: Of course, there are many styles that Girls’ Generation have never attempted before but…
Taeyeon: Yes
Seohyun: It was my first attempt at R&B so I did find it very unfamiliar… but step by step… I worked hard to take ‘Baby Steps’ forward in recording!
Seohyun: The lyrics are about a young girl who seem to lack confidence and is very timid. Her heart is bittersweet as she builds up the courage to take step by step, little by little, take ‘Baby Steps’ towards the person that she likes and yearns.
Taeyeon: I personally think this song will be so good to listen to on a rainy day.
Seohyun: It would…!
Tiffany: Or like when going out on a drive in the evening…
Taeyeon: Kya~~~ you know, I already-
Seohyun: went on a drive…?
Taeyeon: – already tried it!
Seohyun: Oh really!
Taeyeon: Yes, it’s so good to listen to in the evening…
Taeyeon: ‘Baby Steps’
TaeTiSeo: ‘Baby Steps’
Taeyeon: [literal Korean translation] Baby walk!
Seohyun: Agajang! [Korean for babies’ first steps]
It’s a baby!
Tiffany: So everyone! Did you enjoy listening to our members’ recommended tracks~?
Seohyun: And all of the tracks included in this album are fun and all took a lot of effort, and don’t forget that we, the members a,re very attached to them!
Taeyeon: Please show a lot of love for ‘Twinkle’, the mini-album by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. And also for the remaining Girls’ Generation members, all of us! I hope you will continue to love and support until the end!
So, shall we say goodbye?
Taeyeon: Right now, it’s…
TaeTiSeo: SNSD!
Listen to Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun’s message HERE
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